As a child we are born chaotic, we try to make sense of the world around us by self expression and experimentation, for the most of us as we get older, this joyful ability, this adventurous instinct, fades away and gets lost. We start valuing order, conformity, and routine, we start neglecting or even bullying the ones that are different, the outliers; we try hard to  mould them into conformity, we go from celebrating who we are, to wanting to be similar to each other and to "fit in".

When did grey become our colour of choice?

There is beauty in chaos... Chaos is the freedom to express one's self, a life without fear of judgement or a need to fit in, a life full of shining individuals. When did we begin being scared of our uniqueness? When did fear become the norm, and we became terrified of who we are, scared of facing the person within, terrified that others would see us for the person we truly are and not the picture we paint for them to see.

Isn't that what life is all about, a journey of self discovery, a celebration of our individual and unique personalities, abilities, and contribution to this world, making it a little bit more colourful?

When did we start living in 1984...?

I personally always felt like one of those outliers that lived in a society constantly telling me, even bullying me on a daily basis into conformity, into that grey mould of fitting in. As a man, I'm expected not to cry, actually I'm expected to show little to no emotions; I have to dress and talk in specific way, I have to get a stable job, work hard, make enough money to get married, get a house and a nice car, and eventually have children to which I dedicate every moment of my life from that point onward until I get old and die, and that is the only valid path in life. I spent the better half of my last decade in life trying to fit that mould, trying to find my place in society, the harder I tried the more unhappy I've become. It's a life that makes a lot of people happy, and works for the majority, and that's ok too, I'm happy for them, nothing wrong with that; on the other hand we don't all have to want it. I finally realised it's not for me, I want a life of adventure and chaos, I thrive in uncertainty and when the future is unknown, we are who we are and that's good enough, we don't have to change, we don't have to fit in. Imagine a life where we're all unapologetically true to ourselves, a life without the mental burden of constantly figuring out what others think and expect of us.

Wouldn't you rather embrace and fully enjoy your chaos?