In the midst of spring on a rare sunny Sunday, the phone rings, Mina - an old friend that's been living here for a couple of years - invites me to hangout in down town Amsterdam. We're catching up and exchanging stories while strolling through the narrow historic streets, admiring the narrow, inclined, and red bricked houses. Our first stop is one of the many infamous Amsterdam coffee shops, not knowing what should I expect yet feeling adventurous we order a slice of space cake each, I remember my first thought after the first bite "Oh, that's interestingly delicious". We finish our cakes and head out to the Dam square where to our delightful surprise there was one of the many random traveling carnivals that tend to pop up in the busy square. Our inner child took over immediately and we started getting on some of the rides before heading out to our next destination.

It's been around 45 minutes since we had our space cakes, and nothing yet... We arrived at the extra cold ice bar in Amsterdam, and with unsuspecting naiveness I order my first drink at the bar in the waiting area. I always thought of myself as someone who can handle his liquor to a good extent, so you can imagine my surprise after taking my first sip of the drink - sex on the beach -, when an electricity like feeling sparked from my feet shooting through my body to finally explode in my head with an instant 0-100% drunkiness. With every new sip, a spark shoots through my body, getting me higher and drunker... I finally burst into inexplicable and uncontrollable laughter; Mina looks at me with amazement and asks, are you ok? what are you laughing at? Through that unstoppable laughter I slowly tried to explain to him what was happening and how I was feeling... The bell rings and it's finally our turn to get into the frozen area of the ice bar; walking through the sticky floor thinking "Oh my God... I'm stuck! I can't walk... My legs are completely stuck to the floor!" We finally make it inside, and holly shit it was freeeeezing! Mina sees my freezing reactions and comes up with the brilliant suggestion that he should brings us our vodka shots so it can warm us up, again unsuspecting, and not entirely sure what was happening to my head, yet still having fun, I give him my silver coin to get us our drinks. I remember vividly, the moment he put that - made of ice - shot glass in my hands, I felt my hand freezing up and sticking to the glass, causing my whole arm to freak'n freeeeze! "How am I supposed to drink my vodka now??" I thought to myself. I slowly used my other hand to move - what I thought was - my frozen arm closer to my mouth, and after some ninja moves I managed to get the glass close enough for me take that forsaken shot, and baaam! A bunch of sparks just hit me all at once!

Leaving the ice bar laughing, confused, and super hungry... Mina suggests that I should try the spare ribs, they're amazing he said, you'll love them he said, and we should get all you can he said... With sprinkle of naivety I say let's go for it! I have to admit, the spare ribs were outrageously delicious, but as you guessed it, they didn't sit in my stomach for more than a few minutes xD I rush to the toilet, and baaaaam, all out, haha. Feeling tired and dizzy yet relieved, the restaurant manager brings me some cola to help and asks me to pay 50€ for the mess I've made. I pay the price for not knowing what I was getting into and we set out on our way to go home; after all we still need to wake up for work in the morning.. lol! The next morning, the alarm sets off, I wake up as if nothing happened, get dressed and head to work for a completely normal day. It's been just 2 weeks since I landed in the Netherlands, and I thought, now I've seen it all.

Do you have some funny stories of your own? I'd love to hear all about them in the comments below!

To be continued..